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Welcome message from the CEO.

Women of Africa Arise and Shine! This has always been my altar call for the women globally. It doesn’t only refer to Africa but denotes to any woman out there that feels the burden of transforming the world holistically. Riruta United Women Empowerment is a beacon of hope and transformation for that grassroots woman, girl, wife who is stifled by the demands society. An African woman is overwhelmed by the expectations of society from fending for her family to fending for the society. Riruta United Women Empowerment programme (RUWEPO) rises to these challenges and addresses them holistically. At our organization we strive to produce a refined person and address those issues affecting the child, the woman and the youth. Our programs tend to give the less privileged of society hope and a future.

What some of our pupils/partners have to say…
I am Daniel Omondi Parker. I am twelve years old. My mother left us when we were young with my grandmother Phoebe Awino. I never knew my father, and until last year, didn’t know a father, but then Mr. David Parker accepted to be my father. He adopted me, my sister Mackline Adhiambo Parker and two of my cousins who are orphans Olivia and Vanessa. We all live with my grandmother. The sponsorship program has helped me greatly. I don’t miss out on going to school now, and I have enough food to eat. My dad has bought me all school textbooks and clothes. He moved us from a poor house to a good house with electricity. I am working hard in school to be a doctor or pilot in future and when I grow up, and am working, I will sponsor needy children of Children of Africa Hope Mission School. I love my school and my sponsor, my dad. Thank you God…. and thank you Dad!
Daniel Omondi Parker


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