Running Children of Africa Hope Mission School that was began in 2009 by a group of 14 women from Riruta United Methodist Women the now New Hope Community Chapel. They saw many children in this Ngando slum languishing in poverty, suffering, idleness, and sickness. There was a great need to develop programs to assist the poor child of the slum. The school carters for Aids orphans and vulnerable children. Many HIV/AIDS orphans suffer from isolation, discrimination, poverty and stigmatization from the general population. Accessing formal education for most of these children from challenged backgrounds is a toll order.

Activities, The children are provided with:

1, Universal Primary Education (UPE)

  1. Feeding program. The children are provided with two nutritional meals. Most of the time these are the only meals these children have in a day.
  2. Clothing
  3. Psychological support

HIV/AIDS PROGRAM: We meet some of the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS by ushering into their lives both local and international volunteers who visit their homes and provide basic health care. We also provide spiritual care, emotional care, and social care. The organization has helped formation of a PLWHIV/PLWHAS group of 30 people to facilitate the communal life among people living with HIV/AIDS. They receive love, group therapy, counseling, material support and psychosocial support. To a larger extend we organize workshops and advocacy programs on HIV/AIDS, prevention, care and support of the infected and affected households. Care provisions at all levels are limited due to stigma, resource constrains and ever increasing demands.

MALARIA AWARENESS PROGRAM: Riruta United Women Empowerment Programme organizes community based Malaria outreach on Malaria prevention, care and treatment and promotion of the usage of Treated bed nets by all and especially by orphans and vulnerable children, pregnant women and grandmothers in slums and rural areas of Kenya.

HUMAN SEXUALITY: This being a controversial area we take time to inform the community the difference aspects of human sexuality. We base our education on sexual orientation. We educate the community on diversity in creation and the need of accepting and appreciating the LGBTI community within the society.

GENDER BASED VIOLENCE: Gender based violence is not uncommon among the rural and slum folks of our country. Many women in rural and slum areas of Kenya are victims of gender violence. They are brutally abused and even maimed by their uncaring husbands or male counterparts. Our organization handles on a high scale case of gender based violence. We sensitize the women on what they should do should they be harassed or abused by men. The gender desk handles the identified cases and help the victims seek redress from the right organs of the country.

Volunteers: We are open to volunteers both local and international. You can apply to come and work with the children, teach, do secretarial work, balance books of accounts or even work with the community in areas of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Gender Based Violence and Human Sexuality. The volunteer work can run from 2 weeks to 3 months.