What will donations to the school go toward?

Current Initiatives:

  1. Scholarships for students
  2. Increased provisions of food program
  3. More lockers, desks and chairs so students do not have to share or sit on the floor
  4. Paying teachers so they do not have to find extra work elsewhere
  5. Rent for school property ($360/month and any amount helps)
  6. Purchasing textbooks and exercise books as well as balls, sports uniforms, and other tools required in sports
  7. Building a spacious field for playing games to allow for a more conducive and enjoyable childhood

Future Initiatives:

  1. Land. We are on a leased property(1/8 of an acre), but we dream of purchasing more so we can build more classrooms, a boarding section, a kitchen garden and playground. Currently children have a limited place to play. Our dream school would be expanded to 10 acres of land. This would allow us to build a high school and a vocational school.
  2. School bus. We would like to purchase a school bus in the near future. Transport for the school is quite a challenge. We would like to be able to take children out on field trips to nearby city museums, concerts, events, etc.
  3. Computers and tablets. The world is becoming more and more technological, and we do not want to be left behind. It is vital for our students to learn computer skills such as typing and internet researching. It is our wish to create a computer lab to used by children and staff.