School Needs

Greetings from Kenya!

Riruta United Women Empowerment Programme’s (RUWEPO)

Mission Statement:

To give hope and purpose to vulnerable and disadvantaged minorities, women, sexual minorities, youth and children through advocacy and capacity building programs in the slums and rural areas of Kenya


We envision a community that empowers gender equality and equity, sexual minorities youth and children.

Background information

Based in Nairobi Kenya. We are a nongovernmental organization running programs to help the orphans and vulnerable children, People affected and infected by Hiv and Aids, Conducting sexual minorities workshops, running Workshops on how to tame and minimize Gender Based violence in our society. We run a school for orphans and vulnerable called; Children of Africa Hope Mission. If we can get a family or groups of people that can support what we are doing to give hope and purpose to the less advantaged in society. This school is based in Ngando slums of Nairobi Kenya. We have 188 pupils;98 boys and 90 girls. We offer them two meals a day, porridge and lunch. The school has 17 members of staff, 12 teachers, 1 administrator and 4 support staff.

Needs: Despite the gains, there are areas we still need partnership and support to help us gain our goals and objectives.

  1. Land. We are on a leased property(1/8 of an acre) where we pay rent $360 monthly it is our prayer to get land to put up classrooms , boarding section , kitchen garden and playground. Currently children don’t even have a place to play. Our dream school is supposed to be on 10 acres of land .this will cost $10 M and the cost of constructing the school both for high school and primary will be TOTAL ESTIMATED COST FOR THE PURCHASE & DEVELOPMENT = USD. 164.45 MILLION.
  2. Lockers, tables and chairs: The ones we have are in a dilapidated state and not enough. These require $5000.
  3. School bus. Transport for the school is quite a challenge. We don’t take children out in field trips because of challenges in transport. If we got a bus from general motors’ this will help transport children around and run school errands. This costs $80,000.
  4. Computers and tablets. The world is evolving in technology. it is our wish that we had a computer lab to used by children and staff. These will cost $50,000.
  5. 6. Games equipment. The children lack balls, sports uniform and other tools required in sports. These are costed at $5,000.
  6. School debts. The school started on January 5th 2009 with very minimal resources. By 2013 we had accumulated a debt of $40,000 from suppliers of food and stationery. Up to now we still owe the suppliers $21,000. This makes our operation difficult because the supplier is always on our neck, they need their funds.

The breakdown is to assist in persons/families picking on an item(s) they can support us with. We believe that if we got families, organizations or individuals to partner with us we can help give hope and purpose to the orphans and vulnerable children in society. Also our programs for Hiv and Aids, Prevention, care and treatment of malaria, Gender Based violence will run without doubt.


Thank you.

Anne Khadudu Baraza

CEO Riruta United Women Empowerment Programme