Governance and Management

Advisory Board

Hon Lady justice Lydia AchodeChair, RUWEPO Advisory Board.

She is the principal judge of the high court of Kenya. She has experience in Civil and Criminal Law and Procedure, Commercial Litigation, Taxation Law, as well as Gender and Family Law. The Justice has routinely adjudicated on these areas of law for a period spanning over thirty years. She served as the Registrar of the High Court and the Accounting Officer for the Judiciary. Justice Achode is also the Treasurer of the Kenya Women Judges Association.

Ben Malingu

 Accountant, Auditor and Certified Public Secretary. He is a financial consultant for both corporate and public sector.

Allison Hoving

She is a biologist and veterinary technologist. A lover of animals and all the children of the world.She is the ambassador of Children of Africa Hope Mission in the State of Michigan.

Dr. Belinda Kasuku

A medical doctor with postgraduate studies and wide professional experience in paedriatic medicine. She works the largest national referral hospital and a consultant in reputable private hospitals. She volunteers her time for free community medical camps for vulnerable families in Kenya.

Dr. Wilner Nasambu

She is a dentist with wide experience and professional standards in both the national referral hospital  and private hospitals. She extends her free dental services through community public health programs for the poor and disadvantaged in society.

James Juma

Practising Lawyer in the Republic of Kenya. He deals with international law, commercial law and criminal law.
Rev Dr. Don and Bonnie Messer
Don and Bonnie have been the great foundational pillars and global ambassadors for the school. Through the Center for Health and Hope they formed the Kenya Kommittee for the main purpose of Children of Africa Hope Mission School. They mobilized resources for the construction of the school and educational infrastructure. They have consistently maintained annual fundraising for teachers’ salaries, rent of the land, provision of two meals a day for pupils and support of AIDS field worker. You can visit for details.
RUWEPO Board Members
Mary Kezzah- Chair

Commissioner of labour in the Government of Kenya. Facilitator for PLHIV and gender rights in the work place, Children Rights and Safety in the work place.

Anne Baraza-CEO

She is an educationist, counselor, gender issues and Child Rights expert. Empowering the most vulnerable women, children and key populations in the society. She was recognized and honored by Linda Bales Todd ( United Methodist Leader) and Voice for the Voiceless Finalist Award by Reconciling Ministries Network ((USA). She has been a keynote speaker in global HIV and AIDS conferences. Here more from her here.
Carol Berg
Retired social worker and United Methodist missionary. She supported the initial start-up and germination of Children of Africa Hope Mission.
Louiza Okanda
Food Science and Technology expert and consultant. She works in the food industry. Volunteers her time for the vulnerable communities in the slums of Nairobi.
Rev John Makokha 
Educationist, Affirming clergy, chaplain and community development worker. He served as United Methodist pastor and director of communication for the United Methodist Church in Kenya. He was the African author of Reconciling Ministries Network ( United Methodist Church ). He is the senior pastor of New Hope Community Chapel. He was the pioneer clergy to courageously initiate Interreligious workshops on gender identity and sexuality issues in Africa. He was recognized and honored by the Voice for the Voiceless in the Wilderness Finalist Award by Reconciling Ministries Network (United Methodist Church in) and One World Voice Award ( USA). Hear more from him here.
Pamela Amoit
She is the community HIV and AIDS activist and trainer. She is the accounts clerk and living positively with HIV. Here more of her story here.
Ezinwanne Okorafor-RUWEPO Diaspora Networking & Resource Mobilization Desk
He is currently a student at Wayne State University. He is pursuing a masters degree in Basic Medical Science, which he will be completing in December 2019. He received his undergraduate degree in Neuroscience from Michigan State University. His future plans are to attend medical school. Ezinwanne is very passionate about research, Medicine, and community health. His current research is on “Community-Based Survey for Shingles and Shingles Vaccines”, which is in the process of being published.
Berryl NyagutiGender/HIV/AIDs Desk
She is a holder of a diploma in Gender, Women and Development ( Egerton University). Has extensive experience in gender activism, HIV and AIDS, and disability mainstreaming.
Secretariat Level

At the secretariat level, there are sixteen (16) staff responsible for day-to-day operation of program activities. This includes the CEO, Accounts and Administrative Assistant, Chaplain, 10 teachers for the school, a cook, a caretakers, and a cleaner (the latter of whom is also the HIV and AIDS Field Officer).

Hear more from our CEO here.

Here more from our Partnerships & Programs Coordinator here.


At the community level, we have 10 trained community based facilitators who are responsible for implementation of projects in our various communities.

We are open to volunteers both local and international. You can apply to come and work with the children, teach, do secretarial work, balance books of accounts or even work with the community in areas of HIV/AIDS, Malarial Health, reproductive rights, WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene), Gender Based Violence and Human Sexuality. We provide training through seminars or facilitating. The volunteer work can run from 2 weeks to 3 months.