Director’s Message

RUWEPO CEO, Anne Baraza

As an organization, we are purpose-driven to reduce HIV infection, deeply rooted social stigma and AIDS-related deaths in our respective communities. We are going to scale-up targeted community-based interventions through advocacy, capacity building and testing for both the infected and affected households. The focus will be vulnerable women, pregnant mothers, youth and children. We will strive towards Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT), Behaviour Change Communication (BCC), Home Based Care (HBC), HIV Testing and Counseling  (HTC) services. However, we will also make friendly attempts to reach out to men. It is evidence-based that social stigma and fear of losing masculinity continue to prevent many men from accepting and disclosing their positive HIV status in our community.

Stigma and discrimination have been identified through research survey as a key barrier to HIV prevention and uptake of care and preventive services for our people. High HIV stigma and discrimination, negative attitude towards regular use of condoms, gender inequalities, poverty, food insecurity and cultural impediments are the new driving forces of new infections. We will also continue activating increased protection of human rights and improved access to justice for PLWHIV and LGBTI persons.

RUWEPO will continue working towards a healthy community by engaging and facilitating in sexual gender based violence (SGBV) prevention, advocating for care and support of survivors, care and support of vulnerable and orphaned children (Children of Africa Hope Mission) in the slums and rural areas of Kenya, maternal health and reproductive rights, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). All these issues increase vulnerability to HIV and AIDS.We are hopeful to achieve our organizational goals through elaborate resource mobilization, networking and partnerships  both locally and globally.

Best regards,

Anne Khadudu Baraza


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