HIV/AIDS: Capacity building program. RUWEPO reaches out to people living with HIV/AIDS by providing spiritual care, emotional care and social care. We do provide them with free condoms and lubricants. They receive love, group therapy, counselling and psychosocial support The HIV/AIDS work provides holistic medical and social support for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

We organize seminars and advocacy programs on HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support of infected and affected households. Care provisions at all levels are limited due to stigma, resource constraints, and ever increasing demands. We also sensitize the community to stop stigmatization and marginalization of people living with HIV/AIDS. Through this program we reach out to the MARPS. RUWEPO meets some of the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS by ushering local and international volunteers into the homes of those infected in the slums.

Children of Africa Hope Mission: Children of Africa Hope Mission School was born as a response to the suffering orphans and vulnerable children in the slums of Ng’ando and other neighboring slums. The goal was to provide education, nutrition and psychosocial support to the kids. It caters for about 157 orphans and vulnerable children. The school offers two meals a day and formal education, 8-4-4 curriculum. If we don’t come to their aid, they will never realize their dreams in life and contribute towards the national development. If these children are not helped at this tender age, the country will not achieve its vision 2030 holistically for majority of its members will be lurking in ignorance, crime and poverty.

Malaria: Targeting the children and Riruta United Women Empowerment Programme organizes community-based Malaria outreach on Malaria prevention, treatment and promotion of the use of Treated bed nets by orphans and vulnerable children, grandmothers and pregnant mothers in the slums and rural areas of Kenya. The overall project goal is communication for the vulnerable rural and slum population on Malaria prevention, effective treatment and management to reduce Malaria-related mortality.

This fund assists the Women’s Empowerment program to purchase and distribute “Mosquito Screens” – mesh to cover bedding, and sleeping persons….preventing Mosquitoes biting and passing on Malaria to people in the slums of Nairobi and rural areas of Kenya.

Human Sexuality and Gender Identity: Ruwepo readily and proudly welcomes the sexual minorities and educates other members of society to know that there is nothing wrong with having a’ left handed’ child in your family. They are normal like any other children. The issue of sexual minority being sensitive, RUWEPO has included it in its programs, its leaders have gone for training in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa to equip themselves on how to handle the minorities and readily welcome them in our homes, gatherings and programs.