What will donations to the school go toward?

Current Initiatives:

  1. Scholarships for students
  2. Increased provisions of food program
  3. Paying teachers so they do not have to find extra work elsewhere
  4. Rent for school property ($360/month and any amount helps)
  5. Purchasing textbooks and exercise books as well as balls, sports uniforms, and other tools required in sports

Future Initiatives:

  1. Land. We are on a leased property(1/8 of an acre), but we dream of purchasing more so we can build more classrooms, a boarding section, a kitchen garden and playground. Currently children have a limited place to play. Our dream school would be expanded to 10 acres of land. This would allow us to build a high school and a vocational school.
  2. School bus. We would like to purchase a school bus in the near future. Transport for the school is quite a challenge. We would like to be able to take children out on field trips to nearby city museums, concerts, events, etc.