sponsor a child/program


  1. a) Single child @ $US 50 a month
  2. b) Siblings @ $US90 a month

This sponsorship includes two meals a day , school textbooks, school uniform, school shoes and socks, toiletries for and for school excursions

The following donations could be a one of or on going commitment to the school

  1. Food program: $ 800 per month. This will assist the school to provide 2 daily healthy nutritious meals to the children
  2. Book program: $ 40 per month. This will assist the school to purchase textbooks, exercise books and library books and learning/instructional materials for the children. It will also assist in the purchase of desks, chairs and tables for the pupils.
  3. Rent Program: $ 360 per month will assist the school to pay rent for the leased property where the school is constructed.
  4. School teachers/non teaching staff. $150 per month. This is to ensure that the teaching and non teaching staffs are keeping pace with educational developments and requirements within the Kenyan curriculum and education system.
  5. School bus: $250 a month. To assist the school in raising funds for a minibus that costs $8000 to collect funds for a minibus to collect from and pupils at home each day and allow school excursions to occur
  6. Purchase school property: $100 a month to assist purchase 10 acres of land to put a boarding facility for the children.
  7. Malaria Awareness. $300 a month. This fund assists the women’s Empowerment program to run Malaria prevention, treatment and cure seminars, purchase and distribute treated mosquito nets to vulnerable people persons in the slums and rural areas of Kenya.
  8. HIV/AIDS Education program. $ 500 a month. To assist with the education of people from the slums in Kenya and rural areas in HIV education and prevention.
  9. Gender Based Violence: $US 20 per month. This fund helps in sensitizing the community on issues concerning violence and how to handle the situation should you be abused.
  10. Human Sexuality: $300 per month. This fund assists in educating the society issues on sexual orientation. Many are ignorant or ill informed when it comes to this issue so there is great need for education

Volunteers: The organization encourages volunteers both national and international to work with the pupils in terms of teaching, games and assisting in the kitchen. We equally require volunteers with skills in book keeping and counseling. We also expose our volunteers to work with the community, interact with them and offer Basic Health Care especially to the HIV/AIDS infected and affected persons.